Carabassamba is a nonprofit cultural organization, -founded in Muro (Mallorca) in 2012-whose main goal was to go in depth into the world of percussion and samba.


Carabassamba has become the final project of the former batucada group “Renouers de sa Pedrera” formed in 2006.

In the beginning, we only performed in pyrotechnics shows but the need and the desire to learn is what encouraged the association to evolve in the world of percussion.


Carabassamba P'school has let us get into the world of Brazilian percussion, mixing rhythms from different places of this country (samba reggae, samba carioca, afro, samba funk, etc.) and specialize in samba which is played in Rio de Janeiro schools.


Carabassamba P'school is composed by different percussion groups:

Carabassamba Junior: The future of Carabassamba. Kids and teens between 6 and 15 years who begin in the world of percussion, just for fun.

Carabassamba Pschool: Amateur batucada formed by 30 members with different ages groups to begin in the world of samba.

Carabassamba Bateria Fogosa: A batucada group formed by musicians and singers with a very high level who perform some of the most popular song sof Rio de Janeiro samba schools.


Antoni Crespí is one of the main pillars of Carabassamba. He is the foundingp resident of the organization and has become a great master in Brazilian samba around the island of Majorca. His passion, perseverance and willingness to learn every day have let him share experiences with different batucada groups both on the island -with Sandungueros Bloco Ayan among others-, and at European level, with Bloco X (Germany), besides knowing the great masters of batucada worldwide. He travelled to Rio de Janeiro on two occasions to learn first hand about the best, an aspect that he has provided within the organization.



Jayme Altaz, an excellent Brazilian dancer resident on the island of Mallorca who has become an essential part of Carabassamba soul assuming tasks as musical advisor and costume designer as well as being the official dancer. He started in the world of entertainment with just 17 years, joining in professional Afro-Brazilian dance companies and learning from the best- Marlene Silva, Jerónimo Portela, Valte Ribero, ...-. His participation in a variety of shows allowed Jayme to get experience and encouraged him to form his own musical company which let him travel around the world until he came to Mallorca, trying to convey the Brazilian folklore in a modern way. Currently, Jayme has spread his popularity in the world of batucadas as well as national and international festivals, taking part on several occasions in one of the best-known samba bands in Europe, Bloco X (Germany).

Chris Quade Considered one of the best percussionists in Europe. He began his career as a musician when he was a child and has specialized in Brazilian percussion. He learned with Cuban and Brazilian percussion masters and played in different bands.

He founded and directed the samba schools Unidos de Colonia and Suco Legal. He is currently the music director of Bloco X, plays in several bands. Since 2004, he has been playing the tambourine for Unidos de Tijuca (winners of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2010 and 2012) and other samba schools in Rio. Chris Quade has conducted various samba workshops in Mallorca supported by Carabassamba in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Serrinha Raíz Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He grew up in a family of musicians, near the oldest samba school in Rio Estació de Sá, where he played all the inconceivable instruments that child colud play. Throughout his professional career he has played whit great artists and has been musical director at several samba schools. Also he took part of the first selection in the Showband Cidade do Samba, which was formed by the most prestigious samba composers in Rio de Janeiro carnival. Currently he works as a percussionist in several Brazilian bands and Samba de Roda, besides being the director of the Estació de Sá Percussion and his own band Carnevalsblocos. Moreover, he works as a percussionist teacher in one of the largest Brazilian companies 'Petrobras' and is involved in social projects in the northeast of Brazil and Argentina. He has left his mark on Carabassamba with Chris Quade.

Leo Villar professional musician and percussionist, official drummer of Eveth, was the first teacher of the group, founding Renovers Sa Pedrera, who became actively involved in the task of awakening us a taste for percussion.

Marce Ventura musician, percussionist and member of the first batucada group in Mallorca. With him it was possible to take the first steps towards the samba carioca. He is considered the master of mucical change.

Pablo Ortiz His career is supported by years of musical study at the Carolinas Music Academy and Alicante Music Conservatoire where he specialized in percussion. He improved his musical knowledge in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) with professionals from different samba schools and musicians as Carlinhos Brown, among others. Thanks to his excellent musical knowledge he has developed his career through various projects, such as music therapy for disabled people. Musician in different bands in Alicante and the founding musician and director of the Escuela Carnavalia, one of the most popular samba groups in Spain. He conducted a samba reggae workshop at Carabassamba Festival 2015.


The Festival is a meeting of Carabassamba batucadas from different parts of the island that has been running for over five years in Muro (Mallorca) where rhythms of drums and percussion are the main stars of the event. It's a weekend where you can enjoy concerts, workshops, parties and special guests from beyond the island.

The Carabassamba Festival is a good showcase within the field of percussion. In fact, there are many groups that work all winter to release their proposals and shows. It is important to mention that, Muro, represented by Renovers’ batucada, was the first municipality to organize a meeting of batucadas of this magnitude in Mallorca.

Then under the name of Carabassamba has become a reference because it marks the start of the batucadas season on the Balearic islands, the first weekend after the Easter holidays. In addition, it has always tried to have special guests at national and international levell


Muro is a municipality situated in the notherneast of Mallorca (44 km. from Palma) which is bounded by Santa Margalida, Maria, Llubí and sa Pobla, Alcúdia and of course, the sea. This municipality has an extension of 55.4 km2 and a population of 7000 inhabitant. It has two population centres: Muro and Platja de Muro (surrounded by 8.5 km coast).

Its beaches have been rated by the guests of the popular websites Tripadvisor and Trivago as one the most beautiful in the country. Furthermore, it is well worth visiting the protected area “Es Comú” and Albufera Natural Park which is considered a natural jewel with the highest

biodiversity of the Balearic Islands.


Muro, as a village, can offer its visitors its rich, artistic, architectural, ethnological and cultural heritage. Besides, it is famous for its traditional gastronomy and its delicious pastry. Just after finishing Easter's, it is held 'La Fira de Sant Francesc' (Saint Francis' Fair) which has been considered as one the best in Mallorca and is dedicated to husbandry, craft and farming. In the last five years, Muro has also celebrated the Carabassamba Festival which has become an important event in the percussion performances around the island.